Our vision is to bring people to a relationship with Jesus Christ and disciple them so that they may bring others to Him.



  • To reach out to the unsaved with compassion, regardless of race or social standing;
  • To disciple those who come to Jesus to maturity;
  • To provide opportunity and support to each believer as he finds his place of service;
  • To provide facilities that are conducive to worship, discipleship and fellowship.

Why We Are Here

We are here to proclaim the "Good News" that in Jesus Christ people are forgiven.They are redeemed; they are brand new creatures in Christ, fit for heaven. In Christ they are capable and adequate to serve Him as He storms the gates of the enemy.

We take the Word of God very seriously. Clear systematic teaching of Scripture is a high priority as we believe that in God's Word there is life. We seek to provide a "graceful environment" where people can learn to be open and honest with one another. Spirit life cannot be acquired by manipulating behavior with external pressure to conform. Abundant, victorious Christian life is the natural result of God's life pouring through His believers, energized by their faith, and is available in gift form only.

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